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  • Anthropology of Global Pentecostalism & Christianity, Conflicts and Renewal (2 publications)

    49123.jpgindex.jpgDeux livres sont parus récemment, auquel j'ai contribué : The Anthropology of Global Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism, dirigé par Simon Coleman et Rosalind Hackett (New York University Press) et Christianity, Conflict, and Renewal in Australia and the Pacific, sous la direction de Fiona Magowan et Carolyn Schwarz (Brill).

    Le sommaire du livre de S. Coleman et R. Hackett est accessible en cliquant ici. Ci-dessous,  le sommaire du second livre et ma contribution, téléchargeable au format pdf.


    Christianity, Conflict, and Renewal in Australia and the Pacific

    Part 1- Christian Transcendence and the Politics of Renewal

    Comments John Barker

    A dispute at the Lord’s Supper : Theology and Culture in the Mâ’ohi Protestant Church (French Polynesia) –  Gwendoline Malogne-Fer

    Pentecostal Churches in Honiara : The Charismatic Schism in the Anglican Chruch of Melanesia – Rodolfo Maggio

    Youh with a Mission in the Pacific Islands : From Charismatic Global Culture to the Reshaping of Local Cultural Identites – Yannick Fer. (pour télécharger ce chapitre, cliquez ici)

    Valuing Spiritual Intimacy : Convergences and Counterpoints of Christianity in an Economy of Yolngu Performance- Fiona Magowan

    Part 2 Christian Renewal and the Transformation of Persons

    Comments Diane Austin-Broos

    Two Baskets Worn At One : Christianity, Sorcery, and Sacred Power in Vanuatu –John Patrick Taylor

    In Search of Wellness : Christinanity and Life Itself in Northern Aboriginal Australia- Carolyn Schwarz

    Go dis Your Health : Healing Metabolic Disorders in Samoa- Jessica Hardin

    Part 3 Christian renewal and Change in regional Development

    Comments Joel Robbins

    « We Will Not Sit Down » : Exploring Agency through Christian Music at Lake Kopiago, Papua New Guinea- Kirsty Gillespie

    « Christ was for Papuans » Gogodala Pastors and the Circulation of Evangeical Christianity in South Western Papua- Alison Dundon

    Saving States, Saving Souls : Australian Interventions in Solomon Islands- Debra McDougall